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You no longer have to be lonely if you choose Daily Therapy!

Do you happen to be in company, yet feel terribly lonely? Believe me, this is a familiar feeling to many.

It is estimated that one in three people regularly feels alone. Many times, feedback from the environment also reinforces this, as they say they shouldn’t feel that way because they are not alone. This further deepens the feeling of isolation and shame.
Research shows that loneliness is not only a state of mind, but also depends on genetic traits. It is also influenced by external factors such as moving, changing jobs or losing a close family member. Some find it easier to adapt to environmental change, others find it difficult.

Prolonged feelings of feeling alone can lead to, or cause, depression. One then enters a vicious circle from which it is difficult to break out, but not impossible! First, you need to recognize that if you feel alone, it’s an indication that you need to change something. Face your fears and initiate a conversation – either in person or online! Try to pay attention to your negative thoughts and stop them from commanding – people who are constantly negative will soon be remembered and avoided.

Daily Therapy is a free app where you can chat with people like you who feel alone.

Our only rule is to be understanding, kind and honest with your chat partner. The app is also available for Android and iOS mobile phones. Chat every day on the new Daily Therapy and make new friends!